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About Coaching

How would you feel if you had:
  • greater focus?
  • better productivity?
  • higher levels of self-awareness?
  • a more balanced life ?
  • higher levels of motivation ?
  • reduced stress levels ?
  • greater self-confidence?
  • enhanced interpersonal relationships ?
  • improved quality of life?

These are some of the outcomes reported from my clients and that YOU can expect to achieve as a result of the coaching process.

What is Coaching?
Coaching may be likened to having a personal trainer for your mind. It is about clarifying values and visions and working with these to set goals and new actions so that you experience personal and professional development.

During coaching you can:
  • discover what you want from your life, career or business - your purpose and vision.
  • design an action plan to achieve these goals.
  • work on eliminating any obstacles or barriers that stand in your way.
  • have someone to offer you unconditional support, acceptance and trust.
  • have a sounding board for your ideas, plans and strategies.
  • have someone to keep you focused, empowered, challenged, accountable & partner you on your road to success.

How are coaching programs structured?
Coaching programs are individually tailored to suit you and the agreed outcomes of the coaching relationship. The most effective coaching relationships span over a 3-6 month time frame. The sessions may be fortnightly through to monthly, and may be conducted face to face or by telephone or a combination of both.
You are in charge of your coaching program, so you make the decision about how often you want to schedule coaching and when to start and stop your coaching.


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