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Business Coaching:

  • Do you have difficulty finding someone you trust who can give you an objective viewpoint and that you can bounce ideas off?
  • Do you allow your business goals to get sidetracked?
  • Are you experiencing a lack of balance in your life and business?
  • Are you committed to growing yourself and your business?
  • Do you want to develop focused, engaged and motivated teams and individuals in your business?
  • Are you a new business owner and overwhelmed by the complexity and time required to manage a business?

If you answered yes to any of these questions, you can benefit from Discover You Business Coaching.

Discover You works with solo entrepreneurs and SME’s at any stage of your business development.

Discover You’s coaching methodology enables you to develop a clear vision for your business, to set specific and measurable business goals and, actions plans to turn these goals into business success whilst maintaining work/life balance. Some of the specific areas addressed include time management, implementing and streamlining systems, staff selection, recruitment and management and developing effective marketing plans.

Discover You also provides workplace coaching to employees at all levels of the organisation from those needing to improve their skills in areas such as delegation, communication, customer service or time management to those taking up leadership roles for the first time.

Contact Discover You for an obligation free discussion on how our coaching services can increase positive outcomes for your business and employees.



As well as providing tailored workshops and presentations to my team, Narelle has been providing me with one-on-one coaching sessions since 2007. These sessions have helped me to focus in the areas that I have needed to and as a result I have achieved significant growth during this time.

Narelle also coaches other managers and individuals within the organisation who have reported the benefits of receiving coaching in areas such as staff management, delegation, time management as well as providing a sounding board for their ideas.

Richard Cooper
Principal, WHK Denison Accountants & Advisers


Narelle has an extensive knowledge of the issues facing business operators. She has an innate ability to tweak out the golden gems of action that bring about positive changes in the way I operate my business. In addition to her Business Coaching I’ve found her business focused group presentations to be insightful, knowledgeable and well delivered.  

Debra Quartararo
Principal, Doodlefish Web Design


I have found Discover You coaching has given me focus & structure in my business objectives and goals. Narelle has guided me through the process and it has been very positive to have a sounding board and someone who knows business and can offer direction.

Narelle is very professional, trustworthy with a great personality and provides ongoing support through phone calls & emails also. Thank you Narelle you truly have made difference!

Proprietor, Poze Boutique Fashion


From time to time the Universe leads us to those special people who really make an impact on the world. Narelle is one of those special people. She is the kind of professional who is empathetic, yet direct; intelligent, yet modest; bold, yet humble. If you are fortunate enough to work with Narelle, you are truly blessed. Narelle’s passion for coaching and life is inspiring.

I want to thank you for all you have done for my business.

Annie G
Image Consultant


I have used Narelle’s coaching services over a period of 24 months. I have found her to a valuable part of my business helping provide me with direction and keeping me accountable and focused to help me achieve my goals and objectives.

Narelle offers so much more in her coaching and has a great nature which makes her easy to work with.

I would highly recommend Narelle for both those starting out in business and existing business owners. She helps provide knowledge and effective planning tools to help your business grow and prosper.

Angela Land
Personal Wellness Coach, Hobart Health Hub


Narelle has played a very large part in the development of my business over the past year. Being new to owning my own business, I underestimated the myriad of different things I needed to learn and be aware of. With Narelle’s many years of experience and expertise she has helped me solve numerous problems within my business. She is always honest and direct whist being supportive and encouraging. Having a non bias second opinion can be priceless as it gives you a realistic view and expectation of how your product or service may be received by a possible client. Narelle has a wealth of knowledge and for every question I have discussed with her she has provided me with an array of constructive answers and different perspectives. I personally would highly recommend her services especially to those within their first few years of business.

Rebecca Roland
Lucid Photography & Design

Contact Narelle today to discuss how you can boost your business success.

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